Request Support

The Rotary Club of Washington Missouri strives to demonstrate a commitment to the Rotary International motto of “Service Above Self” by partnering with and contributing to worthwhile organizations and causes within our community.

While Rotary is a truly international organization, these guidelines are intended to address funding requests for projects within or near our local community, which we define as the area within the geographical boundaries of the Washington Public School District.

Our community is greatly benefitted by a multitude of individuals and groups working on a wide range of worthy causes serving a wide demographic of needs and quality of life issues. These guidelines are intended to assist organizations and individuals seeking the Club’s financial assistance to provide the type and scope of information we believe will be most helpful to our board of directors as they deliberate how best to allocate available and anticipated funds.

Funding Requests will be accepted by any member of the Club’s Board of Directors and presented to the Club President for inclusion on the next Board Meeting Agenda.

For more details on how to request funding, please download our Funding Guidelines.